Most frequent questions and answers

If you are working on Pro Tools send your Pro Tools Sessions. All tracks must be edited and consolidated, unless edit is agreed to be done along with the mixing process. All of your alternative takes and unused stuff must be deleted (Remove Unused Media). Name all equal tracks with the same name for all songs and please use Capitals (max 6 letters).

If you are working on another DAW, before you’ll export your tracks be sure to remove any kind of plug-ins (Eq’s, Compressors etc) and level automations. Set the left locator to 0 and export all of your tracks individually in whatever source format you’ve been using. Do not convert the sample rate or bit depth. Name all equal tracks with the same name for all songs and please use Capitals (Max 6 letters).

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your mixing requirements.

Watch your Mix Levels. Do not allow the master fader’s meter to clip and try to keep a little headroom in your mixes. Do not put any limiters, compressors or mastering plug-ins on the master fader, that should not be a part of your mix.

Take a good listen through the mixes before you deliver. It’s not uncommon to come back for a revision because of a missing guitar or an editing mistake during mixing.

For best quality, bounce your mix in wav or aiff stereo file, in the source sample rate and do not convert. The mixes should have a bit depth of 24 bit (or greater).

Please feel free to call us anytime to discuss your mastering requirements.

First, record / bounce your final stereo mix as you would normally. This should be a 24 or 16 bit stereo file at the same sampling rate as your session. If there are any “mastering plugins” on the master output you can leave these on as this will give us a reference point as to how the mix was sounding at your end.

At this stage please remove all master bus processing that has been added purely for level.

Anything that has been added at the end of the mix solely with the intention of making it louder can be removed however any compression that has been written into or mixed into and is integral to the sound of the mix can and should be left on. Likewise, any EQ or stereo enhancement plugins that are essential to the sound and vibe of the mix should be left on. Those that were “thrown on” at the end to make it wider and brighter can be removed.

Export your stems from exactly the same time code position in your digital audio workstation time line so they will synchronize in our digital audio workstation. This will invariably involve setting left and right locators when you bounce/export your files. When preparing files consider that ideal stems should combine/sum in your digital audio workstation and sound virtually identical to the stereo mix down when combined and played together.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your stem mastering requirements.

If you are including your mix bus limiter processing when bouncing each stem, the limiter will be reacting in a different way than when playing the full mix. This means that the resulting combination of stems will NOT sound the same as your mix! We recommend one of the following solutions:

1. If your limiter has a side chain input, you can feed this with a full version of your mix whilst bouncing stems. This way the limiter will be forced to react as if it is receiving the full mix and your stems should then combine to sound the same as the mix. We recommend that you always listen to the resulting combined stems to make sure they sound identical to your mix.

2. If your limiter does not feature a side chain input, we recommend that you bypass the limiter whilst bouncing stems. Please then include a stereo mix with the limiter on in addition to your unlimited stem exports, so we can hear what you have been hearing. It would also be helpful to let us know which limiter you were using along with the settings used.

If you are at all unsure on anything relating to stem preparation, please feel free to give us a call and we can guide you through the process.

You can transfer the files via a shared folder in Google Drive or via any File Sharing site such as WeTransfer etc.

Yes. Each cooperation for mixing and or mastering, can be preceded by a low cost sample. This is a way for you to know, if the result suits your style and expectations.

The sample has one to two minutes duration and includes any major parts of the song you would like to listen (verse – chorus, chorus – solo e.t.c).

The cost for a mixing sample is 50 euro and if you decide to book your session, it will be removed from the overall cost at the end of the procedure.

The cost for a mastering sample is 20 euro and it follows the procedure listed above.

Yes. In case you need to make additional recordings, you can do them in our studio and take advantage of our acoustic treated room and audio gear. Send us a require on this and we will walk through all the information needed for gear and time schedule.

Once you book your session, you should deposit the 50% of the total amount to start the procedure. When the session is completed, you can deposit the rest 50%. You can make the money transfer though Bank Account or PayPal.